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Jerusalema on the Green 

You may have heard of a recent dance craze called the 'Jerusalema Dance'. The Bloomers rose to the challenge and joined  a local dance company ....  on Saturday 3rd April on the Village Green to bust some moves.

Needless to say, we're still waiting for the call from Diversity to join their dance group!

Jerusalema dancing on the Green

Breathing life into The Old Smithy!

Alan Kerry - Bloomer & sign
Old Smithy sign (The Forge)

Handyman and regular bloomer Alan Kerry has got to work on the old Smithy sign, within the grounds of the Forge restaurant giving it a proper 'Repair Shop-style'. Alan took the sign down in December and his company cleaned it up and powder coated the sign, finishing with a new repaint.  


A date of 1956 was found on the sign which is when the blacksmiths ceased trading.We're sure you'll agree the new sign looks fantastic and thanks to Alan for his hard work!

(Note - contrary to opinion, it wasn't Alan who originally installed it!)

Christmas in the Village

Despite the lockdown, a few socially-distanced Bloomers made sure the Village kept the Christmas cheer going with the installation of the Forge Christmas tree.


This was enhanced by the appearance of Father & Mother Christmas through the magical window of the Cross Keys pub. 

Village trees.jpg
Christmas Tree
The Green at Christmas
Father & Mother Christmas at the Cross Keys
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